A Time for Toughness

Amita Shah

Stories of selfless courage during the lockdown

Sujith SN: Seer Strokes

Sujith SN’s rarely peopled landscapes prove oddly comforting in the time of lockdown

Letter Over Spirit

What the first day blocking of deliveries says about decision-making during emergencies

The Lockdown Project

If India is successful in pushing back the advance of the coronavirus, it would have achieved the impossible

Why the 21-day Lockdown?

If we can prevent transmission over the next three weeks, we would have stopped the virus in its tracks, K Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India, tells Open in an interview

The Anger at China

Even in the most liberal circles 'The Chinese must pay' is the common refrain

When in Rome

On coping with fear and loneliness in the wake of Covid-19


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