Sabarimala: Among the Believers

V Shoba

Kerala’s most visited temple has become a war zone for reformists and traditionalists following the Supreme Court verdict allowing young entry to the shrine

A Crisis of Faith: The Wages of Selective Secularism

The issue at Sabarimala is not about equal gender rights

The Law’s Big Flaw

A Supreme Court judgment on Section 498A puts husbands at the peril of divorce lawyers again

Workings of the Heart

Race, law and love in two American novels

Corporate Crime and Punishment

The relevance of John Rawl's theory of justice

Why Prohibition is Doomed to Fail

A drunk person can be fined Rs 50,000 in Bihar

The Cost of Expectations

We want a lot from our Governments, but...

An Emerging Market at Stake

The Law Commission's unique betting proposition

Judicial Proliferation

Having a lot more judges would call for a lot more money

Statute of Liberty

Why pass a new law unless we are clear about its objective?


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