The Radicalisation of Kerala

Rajeev Deshpande

Pro-Hamas mobilisations reflect the state’s political and social fissures

Nipah: A State of Virus

It is yet another season of epidemic scare in Kerala. But Nipah defies medicine

The Alcohol Muddle in Kerala

Despite judicial approval for the state’s liquor policy, the jury is still out on its efficacy

DD Nampoothiri: The Kind Professor

He helps disadvantaged students succeed in a competitive world

How to Survive as an Indie Publisher

It takes more than just the belief that there exists a market for ‘alternative’ books. It takes an intense dedication to quality and plenty of gumption, says Yoda Press’

The Final Sin

The Church refused to let Jolly Thomas bury her husband till she gave them 25 cents of land. Forty years later, she recalls her lonely court battle against the institution, which she won only to find her husband’s grave now lying outside church premises. This is the story of how Jolly built a chapel, her own Taj Mahal, for her beloved husband Thampi


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