“I am a Bengali writer, I need to live in Bengal”

Pallavi Polanki

Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who’s writing yet another autobiography, says she’s awaiting the ‘green’ signal to return to West Bengal

Dethroning the Plain White Rosogolla

The sweetmeat culture of Kolkata is undergoing an antiseptic change

Palette Politic

Artist Shuvaprasanna on why it’s not yet time to paint Mamata, the lies of Buddhadeb Bhattacherjee, and managing passenger amenities for the Railways

The Snap Shut Project

The detritus of the dream to produce India’s first camera

Bad News from Below

The crumbling Metro Rail of Kolkata is hurting Mamata Banerjee’s image in the state

Lage Raho Subodhbhai

Aspiring doctor Subodh Biswas sold pens in Kolkata till he got a scholarship to a medical college.

My Burkha Struggle

Sirin Middya, 24, refused to bow to the diktats of her students at Aliah University and don a burkha. In an Open exclusive, Sirin speaks about her fight

Cuisines by the Sidewalks

When you have around 145,000 street vendors serving over 230 varieties of dishes—tasty, hygienic and dirt cheap—to nearly 10 million customers daily, it is a phenomenon by itself.

Green Light Area

The canteen at Kolkata police headquarters is manned by girls rescued from brothels.

The Latest Word Is…

Warren Hastings’ home in Kolkata may soon host the world’s first interactive museum of letters.


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