The City of Enduring Joy

Suhel Seth

Kolkata is more pleasing to the eye than it has ever been

Dominique Lapierre (1931-2022): Kolkata’s Adopted Son

Few authors are as synonymous with a city as French author Dominique Lapierre was with Kolkata

Seeking Pelé in Kolkata

The city’s enduring love affair with Brazil

In the Name of God

Religion is a private matter and must remain so

The “Second City of the Empire”

In terms of its reputation as a business destination, West Bengal has climbed down a slippery slope

The Lady of the Maidan

A candy seller brings back memories of cricket’s romantic past

Paresh Maity: Cast In Water

Paresh Maity’s watercolours and sculptures tell of the fragile beauty of natural ecosystems

Durga’s Rockers

In the eighties, a group of Bengali musicians lit up Delhi. Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri tracks down the original members of Niharika and revels in their original timeless compositions

Old Objects, New Stories

Indian museums respond to changing narratives and exacting visitor demands

Terms of Enchantment

A character sketch of Kolkata’s iconic Coffee House


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