Belur Moments

Jayanta Ghosal

When Modi had two luchis (the Bengali version of puris), dal and plain khichdi, which he enjoyed so much that he took a second helping

Bengal Noir

Gooptu’s debut novel brings to life the vintage Tollygunge studio

An Italian Christmas

The symbols of Christmas remain more or less unchanged over the centuries, although their ancient meanings have been lost

Yuletide in Kolkata

The Company and the Raj may be long gone, but certain things have not changed at all

Laughter Track

Comedian Papa CJ tells all in his memoir

Usha Uthup: Still Rocking

The sensational fifty years of Usha Uthup

The Nobel and Kolkata

The underlying message to all those basking in reflected glory is clear

Like Father, Like Son

Abhijit Banerjee, like Dipak Banerjee, embodies the spirit of the Bengal renaissance

Economics Nobel for Kolkata boy who is an alumnus of JNU, Presidency College

Abhijit Banerjee won the prize along with wife Esther Duflo and US economist Michael Kremer


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