Was Savarkar Involved In the Plot to Kill Gandhi?

Vaibhav Purandare

The truth about the original Hindu Nationalist

Back to Kashmir

The post-Balakot story has many variations

The Last and Lost War of Pakistan

Pulwama borrows from a history of deception and subversion

Kashmir: Josh Gone Awry

Brashness inspired by a Hindi film cannot help in Kashmir

In Defence of Killing a Tigress

The hypocrisy of rich Indians telling the poor why they must die

Death in the Evening

The dreams of two young men from adjacent villages on either side of the Telangana-Chhattisgarh border ended in tragedy. Rahul Pandita reports from Bhadrachalam

A Job for the Government

It is escapism to ask WhatsApp to prevent lynchings

‘To Somehow Shut Me Up’

A personal tribute to Gauri Lankesh (1962-2017)

The Banality of Cruelty

Every time Pakistan does something dastardly, there is a demand for an effective Indian response. Is there another option?

Death in Kansas City

Srinivas Kuchibhotla paid with his life for his optimism


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