Evidence of a Political Assassination

Rahul Pandita

How a pair of sneakers led to the arrest of Shaurya Chakra awardee Balwinder Singh Sandhu’s killers

A Ganglord Saga

What unites Mother India’s Birju and Vikas Dubey

Crime and Labels

The problem with terming gangster Vikas Dubey a terrorist

Chronicle of a Death Not Foretold

A pregnant elephant’s horrific end leads to a political slugfest between the right and the left

Death of a Shadow Warrior

The afterlife of Qassim Suleimani

Was Savarkar Involved In the Plot to Kill Gandhi?

The truth about the original Hindu Nationalist

Back to Kashmir

The post-Balakot story has many variations

The Last and Lost War of Pakistan

Pulwama borrows from a history of deception and subversion

Kashmir: Josh Gone Awry

Brashness inspired by a Hindi film cannot help in Kashmir

In Defence of Killing a Tigress

The hypocrisy of rich Indians telling the poor why they must die


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