Karan Johar

Cellulose Cinema as a Lost Cause

Rajeev Masand

Tiger Burns Bright | No Patch-Up Here

The Prospect of a New Beginning

Mythology Beats Biopic | The Limelight Hog

Don’t Write Her off Yet

A Family That Sticks Together | Nothing Unreasonable About It

No Sparks Yet

Hoping for a Comeback | Time’s Not Up in the Hindi Film Industry

The Touchy Tiger

Forgiven, Not Forgotten | Family over Friends

New Cop on the Block

Release Date Trouble | Nepotism Again

Ducking the Spotlight

Adi Junior’s Birthday Party | The Fallout of a Drug Bust

The Art of Keeping Friends Happy

Pairing Up in Bollywood | Left in the Lurch

No Time for Paparazzi

Too Many Pies | Just a Mentor, Okay?

Public Frenemies

Saving the Box Office | Whose Loss Is It Anyway?


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