Kangana Ranaut

The Party Pooper

Rajeev Masand

Seething and Simmering in Madrid | How to Break the Ice, Literally

Kangana Ranaut: Free Spirit

Kangana is brutally outspoken in public and exhibits an independent streak that defines her

Open Minds 2016: Soft Power

The creative pursuits of artistes and thinkers, writers and intellectuals redefine human activities. It is these minds that we take note of and celebrate

How to Make a Star-Spangled Show

Hrithik Runout? | Rejection May Not Be Such a Bad Thing

Chronicle of a Sanitised Life Foretold

The Last Flicker of Ex-Flames | Failed Promise

Leave Hrithik Roshan Alone, Dear Christian Brothers

Legal notice by a Christian group against the 42-year-old actor over his reference to the Pope smacks of bigotry

How to Handle a Break-Up

Bad Move | Men Can Be Catty Too

She Ain’t No Pushover

Give the Devil His Due • Rejected and Accepted

Like Father, Like Son

Durga Rani Makes Peace • Sex and the Failed Actor

Karan Johar’s Open Set Policy

Hitting Back, Quietly • When Fortune Turns Fickle


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