Kashmir: Dateline Fear

Rahul Pandita

Behind the recent threat to journalists in Kashmir is a war of narratives

Daily Heroes

Three documentaries—about pioneering women journalists, brothers who rescue birds, and the lookalikes of Bollywood stars—are getting international recognition

Truth Goes Underground

Afghan journalists, especially women, narrate their everyday ordeal


Journalists under pressure and candidates wooing voters


The Hall of Gossips, a quaint salon in Khan Market, and a wealthy lawyer's new bungalow

A Licence to Enter Politics

If Manish Tewari wants licences for journalists, then why not for politicians?

Wrath of the Saffron Fringe

The price that two journalists are paying for resisting Mangalore’s moral police

Some Telephone Conversations

Inside the networks of lobbyists and power brokers that dictate how this country is run.

My Settlement with NewsX

Television channel NewsX was a high-profile venture with Vir Sanghvi at the helm. But all of a sudden the promoters turned against the journos. Its executive editor was called to the office basement, intimidated, presented with a resignation letter to sign and threatened with a string of charges that belatedly included surfing porn on the office laptop. Then came redemption


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