Muslim Youths From Kerala: God’s Own Recruits

Shahina KK in Kochi

Where have those Muslim youths from Kerala gone? The call of the Islamic State

Call for Jihad

Some Urdu dailies in India extol Islam’s first holy war

Faisal Devji: Time Traveller

His scholarship helps us understand Islam better and grasp the intricacies of Jihadist thought

The Uses of Fear

Brussels, ISIS, and the death of moral leadership in the free world

Fear and Faith in Dhaka

Caught between the call of jihad and the politics of poverty, Sheikh Hasina is battling alone for Bangladesh. India and the West had better take notice

Call of the Caliphate

The romance of regression in the time of the Islamic State

Vive Paris: The Beginning of History

What 13 November means for our newly tribal world

Vive Paris: From the Open Archives

Open has been consistent in writing about the ideas that shape the future and divide the present, and no idea concentrates the global mind as much as radical Islamism does today. Here we carry excerpts from the past pages of the magazine, and taken together, the following views by our first-rate contributors tell us that we haven’t travelled much from that horrifying day in January this year in Paris

Jihad: Who Will Contain the Evil?

A global consensus on fighting jihad cannot wait any longer

Lies, Duplicity and Deceit in the name of Allah

A special issue on ‘Islam and terrorism’ by Urdu magazine Haftroza Nai Duniya distorts facts, disfigures history and denies misdeeds


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