Punjab and Protest

Nonica Datta

A forgotten legacy

The Jat Pivot

Haryana’s most politically organised community has shown that it remains central to any electoral mandate in the state

The Unreasonable Jats

Why they remain aggrieved, always. Kumar Anshuman travels to Jassia in Haryana on the eve of another agitation to find out

Quota Tyranny on Streets

Why on earth do Jats need the benefits of Reservation?


The Supreme Court decision to take Jats off the Central OBC list means that the Jats of Bharatpur and Dholpur districts don’t get the benefit of reservations that others of the community do in Rajasthan

Saffronising the Jats

Tikait’s heirs are willing to sacrifice their father’s inclusive approach to politics for a few favours from the BJP

Jatland in Chhattisgarh

Yet again settlers from one Indian state have taken over large parts of another’s farmland, altering the farm economy, power equations and social setup.


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