Jammu and Kashmir

Denying Pakistan the Dividends of Terror

C Christine Fair

Neither diplomatic isolation nor strategic restraint will bring Islamabad out of the jihad cycle

Provoked and Patient

India has not revealed all its options

Kashmir: An Uneasy Jewel in the Indian Crown

Kashmir and the fallacy of the secularism argument

Radicalisation of the Kashmiri Mind

India is the enemy a generation is raging against in the Valley

Modi Beyond Bad Headlines

Step out of the hellhole of front pages. Out there another India beckons

The Captives of Kashmir

The Valley beyond the politics of victimhood

Is Kashmir Losing India?

Today, alienation is a necessary identity for the stone-throwing, Book-bound revolutionary. Home is not India any longer; it is an idea delivered by an angry god

Resurgent Radical Islam Puts the Indian State Under Strain

India will be a better place, and a more responsible republic, if it can break out of the safety of clichés that characterise the world’s approach to radical Islamism


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