The Eco Chamber

Keerthik Sasidharan

Umberto Eco showed that behind the questions we pose are ones we dare not

Between Lives and Livelihoods

The former had to be given priority

Of Saints and Pandemics

How religion fuels the fear of contagion in southern Italy

Inside the Invader

The making of a pandemic and what we can do about it

When in Rome

On coping with fear and loneliness in the wake of Covid-19

Aspects of Viralism

The globalisation of fear in the wake of coronavirus

A Magical Mystery Tour of Rome

The many myths of the historical Italian capital

Being and Nothingness

Michel Houellebecq: The novelist as the pathologist of Europe

South Tyrol: Grapes of Glory

In South Tyrol wines are about taste, smell, community and the evocation of memories

Vercelli: Where Nothing Happens

In Vercelli, a small town in Italy, it is not time but idleness that heals


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