Indian history

Lost in the South

Nanditha Krishna

Charles Allen’s south Indian journey misses many historical moments

The Beauty of Indic Thought

A profound quest for eternal bliss that is yet to take its rightful place in the world

Padmavati: History as a Dispute

Blasts from the past strike modern India with unfailing regularity. The controversy over Padmavati focuses on the fact that what endangers freedom is the politicisation of protest in the name of freedom

Padmavati: The Legend of the Queen

From Rajput valour to nationalist heroism, the story of Padmavati has a rich socio-cultural tradition

The Queen & Karim

An Indian Muslim in Victoria's court tells a larger story

A Wounded Memory

Crossing the border all over again in the mind

Difficult Choices

There is more to India’s foreign policy than the illusory binary of peace and war

Haunted By the Nation

In Sugata Bose, the personal and the historical mix ineluctably even if the picture produced is too optimistic to be real

Trauma of Partition: Divided Lives

Returning to the trauma of Partition


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