Indian history

On the Cusp of History

Nandini Nair

TCA Raghavan’s debut explores the life and times of two great Mughal noblemen

Missing the Mavericks

Portraits of historical and symbolic women that barely bring them to life

Arguments Never Die

Ramachandra Guha’s travels in the shifting sands of history

Empire Building

A majestic retelling of the Raj from the vantage point of the rulers

Independence of the Mind

When We Are Looters at the Site of History

India Before Itself

India’s ancient and medieval past may be rich in experiences and personalities but its challenges belong very much to the modern world

Tipu Sultan: The Man Behind the Golden Mask

Srirangapattana’s zenana might have housed 333 women, but Tipu Sultan was an affectionate family man and a just king

An Object of Derision

Tavleen Singh in her new book should have allowed a bit of sunlight between perception and reality

Faisal Devji: Time Traveller

His scholarship helps us understand Islam better and grasp the intricacies of Jihadist thought

Ramachandra Guha: Free Thinker

He is a philosopher of free thought and an indispensable interpreter of modern India


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