Indian economy

Openomics 2017: Editor’s Note

S Prasannarajan

It is not drama but dharma that defines Jaitley's budget

Fixing the Jugaad Economy

The Modi Government is taking a huge political gamble in trying to transform India’s financial system

Modi in the Age of Rage

The art of thriving in adversity

War on Black Money: Freedom at Midnight

PR Ramesh tells the inside story of the war on black money—and how it will change India

Urjit Patel: Governor’s Rule

Urjit Patel is the first macroeconomist to take charge of RBI in over a decade. While there is no crisis, he faces challenges of a different kind

The RBI’s Next Owl

Let’s hear it for—and from—Governor Urjit Patel

Modi’s India: Justified Hopes, Unjustified Fears

A look at Modi’s India through a lens that could do with some balance

D Subbarao: Lonely at the Top

A former RBI Governor returns to his problem with the government

GST: The Life and Times of a Bill

The travails of the GST Bill bring out the best and the worst of Indian politics. Will Congress buckle under isolation?

The Economic History of Liberation

Revisiting India’s path-breaking budgets on the 25th anniversary of reforms


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