Indian economy

Hope in Numbers

Siddharth Singh

What should the government spend money on?

The Indian Rate of Reform

Establishing a new business, choosing what to consume and relatively lower taxes are still ideologically suspect

A Delayed Tryst with Destiny

India is still set to become the third largest economy by 2030

What about the States?

In the second wave, the government does not have the option of limiting mobility

Economy: The Restart

The economy is on the rebound—but a full recovery needs investment growth and people spending with confidence

Waiting for the Stimulant

Vaccination and restoration of mobility can enable the government to undertake a fiscal stimulus without fear of wasting money

The Outlier State

The economic recovery has defied grim forecasts but there are enough reasons for cautious optimism

How to Jack Up Growth Rate

What we need to do to jack up growth from 5.5 per cent to 7 per cent and more. A lot will depend on the states too

The Twin Engines of Revival

The government now has the resources and the manoeuvrability to spend its way out of the crisis

Past Perfect

India is rich by default, not by design


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