Indian economy

Where Has the Money Gone?

Haseeb Drabu

The inability to rationalise expenditure has created a crisis for states when revenues are otherwise buoyant

India as a Mega Economy

India has transformed in many ways over the last several years and digital transformation is at the heart of its economic growth, says Nandan Nilekani

The Green Credit Line

India will try to repeat the success of solar energy in the green hydrogen sector, PM Modi tells B20 Summit leaders

The Crypto Standard

PM suggested creating a global framework for cryptocurrencies where issues of all stakeholders can be addressed

Tax: The Middle Class Momentum

Tax data shows greater compliance in filing returns and a steady rise in incomes across India

Swaying to Modiplomacy

With this visit Modi and Biden have publicly owned the relationship and marked it as a memo to the world

High Spirits

India sustains employment and investment despite slower global growth

Fragile Five to First Five

India is set to be the third largest economy by 2026

Betting on India

Nine transformative years have given the country a structural makeover and changed global perceptions

₹2000: A Brief Note

The withdrawal of the ₹2000 note is unlikely to have a negative impact on the economy but it will certainly check corruption


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