Indian economy

MBA Redefined

Ullekh NP

Faced with challenges, B-Schools are adapting fast to tap new opportunities

The Wealth of Well-Being

India should use its G20 presidency to help develop an index that complements GDP and better estimates a country’s economic health

Care and Dare

Commonsense has guided the Modi government’s economic management in a year that began with the Ukraine war

Credit Democracy

Small businesses are finding it easier to afford working capital as the traditional practice of lending against assets is being replaced by loans based on information—cash flows digitally captured by tracking financial data. This is accelerating the formalisation of the Indian economy and a larger social transformation

Thunder from the East

As the scars of the pandemic disappear, the Indian economy proves robust enough to overtake Britain’s

The Great Inflation Scare

The combination of a pandemic, broken supply chains and the war in Ukraine seemed to have whipped up a perfect inflationary storm in India

A Thriving Tax

Five years on, GST has survived politics and is helping economic growth

The State of Stability

India is nowhere near Sri Lanka’s or Pakistan’s financial predicament

Heavy Mettle

India’s geopolitical options have expanded despite Ukraine

Reforms and Resilience

The government will not abandon its ambitious spending plans despite inflation and war


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