Indian economy

Just Looking Like a Wow

Minhaz Merchant

Perhaps it is time for an Indian National Confidence Index

Market Manna

PSU stocks have seen an extraordinary boom of late as a result of reforms that began in 2014 and the government’s vast capital expenditure to bolster them

Mass Capital

How Narendra Modi has made PSUs lucrative

The Facts Behind a White Paper

Money was spent on welfare schemes at the cost of vital economic interests like infrastructure in the UPA era and the Modi government had to undo the damage

Fiscal deficit makes no difference to voters, but it shows our commitment to prudence, says Nirmala Sitharaman

After a demanding Budget Session in Parliament, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tells how the government’s fiscal responsibility and commitment to welfare and growth will strike a chord with the electorate

The Reform Rush

How Modinomics scripted a globally competitive economy

Misreading India

When economists play political activists

Steady Hands at the Helm

Indian growth will remain high in a world of shrinking economic prospects

Cycle of Confidence

Indian resilience to global headwinds passed the test


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