Indian cuisine

The Year of Dining In

Shylashri Shankar

The rule of the home kitchen

The Indian Masala Magic

Recipes don’t matter once you understand the science of flavours

Defining Indian Cuisine

Do caste and social hierarchies create barriers to our culinary exchanges?

Delicious Diversity

Shylashri Shankar captures the Indian culinary identity in all its complexity and multiplicity


Ministers under Modi's watch, the food that MPs get to relish and the numerology of power

The Enduring Food Fantasy

A good cookbook does more than just offer recipes or re-create lost worlds

Gaggan Anand: Taste Maker

With a restaurant in Bangkok, he is a leading exponent of progressive Indian cuisine

Humble JACK goes COOL

The underutilised and unappreciated jackfruit is on its way to become a global star


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