Indian Constitution

Cultivating Constitutional Morality

Ram Madhav

As the Constitution turns 70, its spirit needs to be guarded not only by parliamentarians but also by the people with utmost sacredness

Invitation to a Chaos

The fallout of extending Assam’s failed NRC policy to the rest of the country

Kashmir: The End of Victimhood Politics

Article 370: Chronicle of a death foretold

How Article 370 Separated India from Indians

Maybe the alarmism would have been less shrill had the Article-slayer been a non-Modi

What’s at Steak?: The Constitutional Cost of Beef Ban

The ban on sale of cattle for slaughter amounts to butchering the Constitution

It’s Complicated

The Constitution tries to do too much. It needs to be made to do less

Judiciary: Judgment Day

Has judicial overreach upset the institutional balance?

Madhav Khosla: By the Book

Among India's youngest public intellectuals, he has made the Constitution of India user-friendly and accessible

BR Ambedkar: Slayer of All Gods

He challenges the illusions about power and democracy, wealth and violence, Hinduism and tradition, nationalism and justice, and about all that metaphysical cant. He is the mirror in which we dare not look at ourselves. His presence is a constant reminder of our bad conscience and bad faith


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