Indian Constitution

Crime and Punishment

Bibek Debroy

The proposed reforms to Indian criminal law break with a colonial legacy but do not go far enough

BR Ambedkar: The Last Moralist

The relevance of an idea called Ambedkar

A Constitutional Promise

Defenders of the idea of a Uniform Civil Code had hoped it would become a reality but the divisions seen in the Constituent Assembly took a turn for the worse in subsequent decades

BR Ambedkar: A Monumental Life

Ashok Gopal traces the exceptional journey of Ambedkar becoming Babasaheb

Moving the Needle on Gay Rights

Apart from the letter of the law, the courts must judiciously balance competing claims in society

The Fantasy World of Rahul Gandhi

Does the persistent myth of the dynasty make the Congress leader think he is above the law?

The Road to Constituent Assembly

Why we must guard against vilifying leaders based on a warped understanding of history

The Great Balancer

The evolution of the Indian judiciary as a defender of both people’s rights and the state’s interests


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