Indian Army

From the Frontline of Grief

Nikita Doval

For the families of men killed in action over the years, the bloody border clash between India and China has reignited painful memories

A Time to Reveal

There is much to gain by declassifying the report on the 1962 war

Beijing’s Belligerence

This time round, the Chinese official media groups have created smokescreens, like they did in the run-up to the 1962 war

They Are the World’s Finest Soldiers. Show Some Respect

A former infantry officer debunks some expert opinions about the Indian army fighting in Ladakh

The Chinese Endgame

Beijing’s next move against India will be coordinated with the Pakistan army

Chinese Dream, World’s Nightmare

From the Himalayas to the South China Sea, Beijing is unabashedly flexing its military muscles

Half the Battle Won

The question is whether it will be extended to the personnel below officer rank, and to the Navy and Air Force as well

A Political Gamble

An unusual strategy for growth

Time to Woman Up

On ridiculous arguments against women in combat and command positions in defence forces


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