Indian Air Force

Shaliza Dhami: Flying Colours

Lhendup G Bhutia

The first female commander of an Air Force combat unit heralds a changing military

Mao’s India Alarm

Were IAF’s ‘Black ops’ flights over Xinjiang during 1960-62 one of the causes of the 1962 war?

A Few Guns Short

India needs more military firepower

“Is my husband’s name on the National War Memorial?”

On January 25, 1990, Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna and three other Airforce personnel were killed in a terrorist attack in Kashmir. As the trial begins in the case after three decades, here is the story of his widow, Nirmal Khanna.

The Arms Procurement Syndrome

Is the Rafale aircraft worth the financial and political cost?

Love in the Time of War

A pulp panorama featuring an Air Force romantic

Female Fighter Pilots of the Indian Air Force

India has come a long way from 1992, when the Army first opened its doors to women. Since then, the number of women in uniform has risen sharply

Anjali Gupta

She lodged a police complaint alleging sexual harrassment against three senior officers


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