The Death of Ideals

Keerthik Sasidharan

Our usual ways of seeing the world cannot hold

Open Decade (2009-2019): Editor’s Note

The rustle of our pages came from a fast evolving society’s political and cultural churn. We never wanted the argument to stop; we held a perceiving mirror up to it

Icons Must Fall

Paul Zacharia’s first novel in English is a roller-coaster ride of ideas

Lakshmi Pratury: Inking Ideas for India

Lakshmi Pratury and the art of investing in people

India in 70 Ideas

An Indian in the ocean of notions

Grand ideas for a greener world

Environmentalism is often an expendable cause to a majority that fears economic oppression by a minority with delusions of saving the earth. But we need not take sides. From corporations striving to harness massive wind power along the Atlantic Coast, to the Herculean trash collectors of the Pacific; from a cross-country initiative to save the vibrant Mekong river basin, to modern China embarking on another, greener Great Wall, five exciting and ambitious projects show how all of us have an incentive to shape the future rather than fight it

Ignobel Indians

Several Indians have collected Ig Nobel prizes over the years, awarded for seemingly ridiculous scientific research

India’s 10 Dumbest Ideas

The list could go on and on. However, for the sake of brevity, we pick only the most spectacular

Big Indian Ideas

Like them or not, the brainwaves that no citizen can ignore


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