Papa CJ: Bare Naked Comedian

Lhendup G Bhutia

The stand-up comic who turns his own life into a laughing matter

All India Bakchod: Licence to Lampoon

One of the smartest and funniest humour collectives in India today

Sardarjis: Jokes Apart

What Sardarjis make of Sardarji jokes. And of the case filed against them

Menstruation Rebels: Let There Be Blood

Humour, hashtags and hygiene are the new tools in the fight against menstrual taboos

Here Comes the Gentleman Comic

Is AIB’s ribaldry representative of all stand-up acts in India? The next wave of humour may belong to clean comedy

Riffing Off Genius

Sebastian Faulks’ homage to PG Wodehouse reveals why humour is serious business, easy to admire but hard to imitate

Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi

A juvenile film that caricaturises India’s Parsi community

Cartoons by the Colonised

The pre-Independence Parsee Punch offers political comment and gently subversive humour

Vicky Donor

This film has a sense of humour that cuts across class and cerebral levels

Double Dhamaal

The humour in this film is anything but cerebral, but some of the stunts are genuinely funny


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