Artificial Morality

Madhavankutty Pillai

AI’s need to be politically correct can have a curious impact on its humour

Gary Shteyngart: ‘I love characters in decline’

The new novel by Gary Shteyngart's Lake Success is more ouch-funny than ha-ha funny

Open Diary

Vajpayee's way with words and Pondicherry's literature festival

Karwaan Movie Review

By the end of the film, you ask the question - what on earth were the makers of this movie smoking?

The Great Desi Boorist

Remember? How we scratched our names on Taj? Or was it Ajanta?

Lady Haha

Female comics are bringing the house down

Lena Dunham: Angsty is Sexy

A fan letter to Lena Dunham

Papa CJ: Bare Naked Comedian

The stand-up comic who turns his own life into a laughing matter


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