The Healing Touch

M Srinivas

Nurturing the next generation of researchers and scientists in healthcare

‘We may run out of staff sooner than oxygen’

A day in the life of a Covid ward in Bengaluru

Out of the Pandemic

Putting healthcare centrestage is the first step in overhauling the system

A Shot of Hope

In rolling out its mass vaccination programme, India expects to pull off the unprecedented

Be Patient

Being non-Covid patients in the time of a pandemic

How Ill Is India’s Health Sector?

With government hospitals overburdened, bottomlines of private ones wiped out, and an insurance system that seems to be unable to wrap its head around the pandemic, Covid-19 has laid bare India’s health infrastructure

People Like Us

Living in fear of the deadly infection

Rich and Powerful Lives Matter

On gaming the system using compassionate grounds to get access to rare Covid treatments

Cancer in the Time of Covid-19

The need for extra precautions in treating cancer patients


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