growth rate

Rates Are Deceptive

Bibek Debroy

Debunkers of employment growth are focusing on wrong indicators

The Small Picture

Why the Finance Minister is right about the auto sector

Modi in the Marketplace

The Prime Minister is on target

The Kohli Rate of Growth

Economic lessons from the captain’s chase

Economic Reforms: The Growth and Gloom Story

Beyond the magic figure of 7.6 lies the bigger challenge for the Modi Government

Rajan’s Symphony No 0.5 in Alpha Major

The sforzando of Raghuram Rajan’s music is his half a percentage point rate cut, a dramatic easing of credit that could be just the stimulus India’s economy needs

That Rustle of a Ruffled Rupee Again

Given how globalised India has got since the rupee was freed to float, turbulence was only to be expected. But it may not be such a bad idea to nudge the currency along a bit


On the Road to Recovery with Arun Jaitley


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