Great Britain

Writer Blocked

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the absence of JK Rowling from Harry Potter’s retrospective film

Meghan and the Ghost of Diana

Meghan, as she says during the interview, was a waitress and an actress, had been working since the age of 13, had always been independent, and had Harry to lean on

Open Diary

A United Kingdom in the throes of permanent angst

London Fire and Leadership

Britain feels the absence of a leader at the worst of its time--when it needs answers and authority

Letter from a Cheerless London Summer

Britain between a redundant Brexit mom and a comic strip socialist

London’s First Muslim Mayor: Khan and the Colour Quotient

The election of London’s first Muslim Mayor and race and politics in Britain

Kohinoor: Romancing the Stone

Why the British are not really thinking about giving the Kohinoor (or anything else) back

Shakespeare: My Master’s Voice

I went to Shakespeare’s burial place in Stratford when we had gone with Hamlet for a three-week tour to the UK. I said a little prayer. I don’t believe in god or religion, I asked for something which is now between me and him

Shakespeare: Favourite Lines From the World’s Most Quoted Writer

Full of sound and fury, signifying everything


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