Erdoğan: The Half President

Anchal Vohra

A dictatorship is taking shape on the Bosphorus. Anchal Vohra in Istanbul captures the fears and anxieties of post-referendum Turkey

The Angry Fabulist

In Prayaag Akbar’s first novel, a mother’s search for her daughter becomes a searing argument against power. The writer in conversation with Bhavya Dore

Reborn in Trans-Beauty Salon

Transgenders break new ground in Chhattisgarh in a state government initiative

Democracy on the Edge

It’s not just another form of government, it’s a social project

What’s Wrong With Democracy

Will the rule of knowers save the world?

Darkness at Noon

When the state and individuals failed freedom

Krishna Gopal: Heartland Whizz

Though he keeps a low profile, his is a voice taken very seriously by the Central Government

Train to the Future

In Sasaram, Bihar, hundreds of students band together to nurture their dream of cracking government entrance examinations—on a railway platform

Democracy as a Demographic Puzzle

Political parties that fail to work out the relevance of the economy and its impact on youth aspirations are doomed

Uniformed Mess

The Maoist attack on EFR’s camp at Silda has stirred more trouble for the beleaguered West Bengal government. It is the long-neglected EFR that is now threatening to revolt against the state.


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