Connecting the Dots

Bibek Debroy

The unifying power of public-private partnership

The Roadshow Apart

Protest marches by farmers and emotive appeals by politicians are no substitute for the need to fix India’s broken farm sector

Modi in the Marketplace

The Prime Minister is on target

Economic Lessons From the Raj

The myth of colonial plunder

Saving the 1% from Outrage

Money stashed abroad as revealed in the Paradise Papers incites passion but the reality of offshore accounts is more complex

1000 Days of Modi: The Centre Can Hold

And that is the biggest achievement of Modi in spite of some unfinished projects

Openomics 2017: Editor’s Note

It is not drama but dharma that defines Jaitley's budget

The Next Surge

A fine balance between creativity and caution

On the Right Path

Modi and the marketplace—the story so far


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