Galwan Valley

A Chance Against China

Rajeev Deshpande

A bipartisan US resolution revives the debate on Tibet’s status and offers India a window to correct its own historic blunder

Across the Pir Panjal

Are Pakistan-based terrorists looking to open new battlefields in the Jammu region?

Principles of Disengagement

Indian authorities continue to carefully assess the state of infrastructure and deployment at the Indo-China border

China’s withdrawal from patrol point 15 will mark return to April, 2020 status quo

Disengagement at last friction point after prolonged stale mate comes ahead of communist party congress that will give Xi Jinping third term as general secretary

Why Beijing Behaves Badly

Former foreign secretary Shyam Saran analyses China’s conduct towards India

Standing Up to Beijing’s Belligerence

India’s newfound confidence in using its economic strength to counter China has changed how the world sees Delhi

The Evidence From Ladakh

What old maps say about Chinese claims on Indian territory

Steady In the Storm

How Modi is navigating a rough diplomatic terrain after the Russian invasion of Ukraine

China Unmasked

Its destiny is now in the control of one party, one führer and one ideology

A High Wind In the Himalayas

India’s strategic planning must take into account not only the changes thrown into relief by the pandemic but also the interconnectedness of global crises


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