freedom struggle

Of Colonial Minds and Other Demons

Murali Balaji

India’s political and cultural life is still subservient to borrowed ideas

A Lament from the Deep South

It was the other Dandi, led by C Rajagopalachari. Salt manufacturing in this coastal town of Tamil Nadu is in a crisis

Footprints of Struggle

With the aim of narrating history through the present, our reporters visit Champaran in Bihar, Chauri Chaura in Uttar Pradesh, Dandi in Gujarat, Vaikom in Kerala, and Vedaranyam in Tamil Nadu to report the various phases of freedom struggle

Not Worth Your Salt Anymore

Gandhi’s march here was one of the most dramatic moments in Indian history. The villagers today want to march out

“The World Is at My feet”

India according to a liberalisation child

An Equal Faith

Gandhi used a temple agitation in Kerala to make it a larger movement for independence. The shrine of Shiva, an architectural marvel, continues to attract believers and nature lovers

My Father the Fanatic

One man sacrificed his freedoms to be part of a global underground movement to liberate India. It failed. A daughter remembers


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