freedom struggle

Redeeming the Rani

Rudrangshu Mukherjee

Seeking Lakshmibai between history and legend

The Amritsar Massacre

An account of the carnage that shook the country in 1919, and wounded its consciousness

Forged In Fire

The foundational violence that accompanied the formation of India as a modern nation-state

The Last Mutiny

It’s the 75th anniversary of the naval insurrection that shook the empire. It’s also the story of how the rebellious sailors of the Royal Indian Navy were let down by a divided political leadership

The Soul of the Nation

India differs from the West in the ethical foundations of its nationalism and its idea of the state

On Her Own Terms

An autobiography of lived freedoms

The Enigma of Heroes

Revolutionary nationalists as guiding spirits

Premchand’s Partner

On the writer’s 140th birth anniversary, why it’s important to celebrate his wife Shivrani Devi, herself an author and freedom fighter

Second Thoughts

A philosophical appraisal of Gandhi’s outlook and ideas


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