freedom struggle

Awadh Despatches

Zakia Soman

The personal and political journey of a Muslim woman through India’s freedom struggle and beyond

The Enigma of Udham Singh

Jallianwala Bagh and the solitude of revenge

The Right To Remember

Partition Horrors Remembrance Day seeks to memorialise a shared catastrophe of the subcontinent. It could bring people together and find them closure

Born on the Fifteenth of August

The dreams that tie India and Sri Aurobindo

The Pursuits of the Past

A problematic passage to the national soul

Losing Swaraj

The ideal as articulated by Gandhi and Tagore

Calcutta on August 15, 1947

‘Hindus were in Muslim localities and Muslims were in Hindu areas, as if nothing had ever happened! Everyone said that all this was due to Gandhi Baba’

The Rediscovery of Nehru

How Nehruvians revised their idol

Redeeming the Rani

Seeking Lakshmibai between history and legend

The Amritsar Massacre

An account of the carnage that shook the country in 1919, and wounded its consciousness


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