freedom struggle

Lost and Found Homes

Rituparna Roy

Contemporary Bengali artists investigate ideas of freedom

Capital Nourishment

Will Indians shed their lingering prejudices against the wealthy?

The Liberation of Goa

Why did it take the Nehru government 14 years before proceeding against a recalcitrant Portugal that had made it clear it would not budge from Goa?

The First Rebels

When Madras was at the forefront of the struggle for Dalit emancipation

The Lost Dominion

The forgotten United Bengal proposal and its lingering aftertaste

Return to Jallianwala Bagh

A novelist comes to the conclusion that the Amritsar massacre was not a discrete event

Sarojini Naidu: The Girl on the Swing

Her zest for life was her armour against illness and adversity

The Politics of Art

A pictorial history of the freedom struggle

A Lexicon for New India

Deciphering the nature of the nation

Prayer and Protest

Prayer and Protest: Two directors come together to dramatise Tibet’s struggle


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