freedom of expression

What’s at Steak?: The Constitutional Cost of Beef Ban

Madhav Khosla

The ban on sale of cattle for slaughter amounts to butchering the Constitution

Something Rotten in Kerala

The 'moral police' are a serious assault on the freedom of expression in the state

Good Joke, Bad Joke

Why Sehwag should now only use humour of the liberal variety

A Passage to Unfreedom

Censorship in liberal democracies has shifted from policing the entire terrain of representation to policing boundaries

Is Nothing Sacred?

The limits and indispensability of free speech in the age of social media

Attacks on bloggers in Bangladesh

Rahman’s murder is the third such incident of bloggers being bludgeoned in Bangladesh over the past two years

The Crooked Lives of Free Speech

Liberals lose the plot from Paris to Delhi


The lone wolf has internalised the imperium, and when he pulls the trigger, or draws out the knife, or faces his executioner with the greatness of his god on his lips, he becomes a voluntary slave at this century’s most ambitious construction site of religion. The lone wolf has never been alone


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