Bastille Day Horror: We Are Afraid

François Gautier

What is it that makes France the most obvious target for Islamist terrorism? As the country recovers from the Bastille Day horror in Nice, François Gautier portrays a traumatised republic under siege

Post-Brexit UK: The Eternal Battle

Memories of futile heroism and the politics of reckless morality in post-Brexit UK

What France Can Learn from Italy

The Italians take action the moment the very first indication of terror comes in

Vive Paris: The Beginning of History

What 13 November means for our newly tribal world

Dheepan: A tiger burns bright at Cannes

Jacques Audiard’s Dheepan, the story of a former Tiger’s second life in France, rendered partly in Tamil, has won the Palme d’Or at Cannes

The Gift of Dionysus

The story of Champagne is rife with irony, accidentally produced by the winegrowers of north-east France who did all they could to kill the sparkle

French President’s break-up

Hollande’s ex-wife is former French presidential candidate Segolene Royal

Two Men And a Car

A road trip across Germany, Belgium and France

France Criminalising Clients of Prostitutes

In India, prostitutes may practise their trade privately but cannot solicit clients in public


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