Points of View

Antara Raghavan

India of the 1800s and 1900s seen through a French and Indian lens

Emmanuel Macron: Mr Europe

A divided France and a delighted EU await the re-elected president

France Shows the Way

From the 2011 veil ban law to the recent senate vote on the hijab, the French remain institutionally and instinctively committed to laïcité, the original model of secularism

The Hallmark of Politics

The profound arrogance that sometimes manifests itself in supposedly knowing what is good for others

Risks and Returns

India has little to lose in embracing France tighter, working closely with AUKUS and prioritising nuclear submarines

The French Connection

India’s attitude to refugees from Myanmar mirrors France’s inconsistent treatment to Germans fleeing Nazi persecution

The Unwelcome Guest

Trotsky’s Exile in France (1933-1935)

Macron’s War against Radical Islam

For Emmanuel Macron, the clash of civilisation is now not at the borders of the continent but within his country

The Liberal Waterloo

By destroying everything between the individual and the state, neo-liberals have signed their own death warrant


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