Gandhi, the Father

Gopalkrishna Gandhi

A shared vein of political reflection makes the letters to his son Devadas special

A Permanent Scattering

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie mourns the death of her father

City and Village

Short stories where the believable and unbelievable co-exist

Sex and the Church: Sins of the Fathers

Charges levelled against four priests for using confessions to blackmail and rape a woman shake up the Orthodox Syrian Church in Kerala and bring clerical abuse to the fore again

The Parable of a True Muslim

Through candid and spirited letters to his sons, a father addresses the issues that haunt Islam today

Sex and the Catholic Church: Sins of the Father

Another case of sexual assault rocks the Catholic Church in Kerala

Fathers, Brothers and Other Demons

Priya was raped by her father and brother for nine years—and her mother knew all along—till she saw on television the protests against the 16 December gang-rape

A Belated Acknowledgement

Raghavendra, Bhimsen Joshi’s eldest and neglected son, pens a tell-all book on his bitter-sweet relationship with his father

Size Matters

Why men with large testicles are poor parents

When a Son Goes Missing

The story of a man’s search for his son who went missing in Manchester


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