Confessions of a Retouch Artist


“We eliminate skin defects, open closed eyes, fix dental abnormalities, remove tattoos, remove unwanted pounds from cheeks, neck, and jowls...”

Bizarre and Beautiful

Photographer Rohit Chawla’s potshots at the world of fashion.

High on Chai?

Maybe it’s time to get back to ground reality. The kitsch fashion revolution has outlasted its energy and purpose.

Stiff Upper Neck

The Bundgala, India’s most famous fashion export to the West.

How to Reach the Front Row

As Delhi Fashion Week kicks off, here are 10 foolproof tips on landing yourself that privileged seat by the runway.

Glass Act

Chunky black frames are back on the most distinguished of noses. It’s about non-conformism more than nerdism, and more than ever before.

Confessions of a Fashion Shoot Coordinator

“Nobody would believe the effort that goes into making these fashionistas look beautiful. Some of them don’t even bother to wax before a shoot.”

The Trend, in Happier Times

A crash course in trends that ruled the twentieth century.

Half out of Kilter

The fashionable male was expecting doomsday but was left grappling.

The End of Trends

Designing fashionwear once had a trusted mantra: befriend the trend. It worked for decades together. And then along came the zips.


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