The Soil Economy

Lhendup G Bhutia

The Finance Minister says the solution to India’s agricultural system is Zero Budget Natural Farming. Is it possible?

The Rural Fetish

Throwing money at rural India without redistributing its excess population is worthless populism

Jackfruit: The Golden Fruit

A Karnataka farmer’s good luck could change the jackfruit market in the country

The New Village Idiom

Is agriculture all that important?

Fire on the Farm

Agricultural loan waivers may buy some political space but they make for poor economics

No Relief From Debt Relief

The conundrum with loan waivers

A Harvest of Distress

Farmers are on the brink and the tragedy of Sangrur tells us why

Indian Winemakers: Grape Expectations

Indian winemakers are getting smarter and stricter about quality

Cold Storage: Akash Agarwal, 25, Founder, New Leaf Dynamic

“I was sure that our product shouldn’t be dependent on electricity or generators”


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