Colin Khoury: ‘We are all beneficiaries of ancient farmers in far-flung lands’

Madhavankutty Pillai

Colin Khoury, the author of  Origins of Food Crops Connect Countries Worldwide spoke to Open about the journey of foods and how globalization has given a spurt to it

Foreign Superfoods: The Global Gut

It is not surpising that foreign superfoods like chia and quinoa are now being grown on Indian soil. Just under half of what the country eats has its origins elsewhere

The Tree of Life

What that flower bed by the front door can do to your life

Agriculture: The Missed Harvest

The Modi Government is yet to seize the opportunity to revive and modernise Indian agriculture, which is plagued by state apathy, lack of research and the misplaced priorities of regulators

Actor in a Tractor

Mammootty takes up farming in a battle against chemical fertilisers

Mud on the Menus

Farm-side dining comes centrestage in America, making star chefs plant eateries in the fields, next to the ingredients


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