When Resistance to a Book Is Futile

Aresh Shirali

If reach out is what one must do, then one needs to be on Facebook. And if its adoption involves the betrayal of a tribe of fellow FB naysayers only rumoured to exist, so be it

Apple iPad Pro

This extra-large tablet is so amazing, it will tempt you to replace your laptop with it

The Intolerance Myth

Is India as wretched as it is being portrayed by a section of the intellectual class?

Facebook’s Break-Up Tool

To ease the process of parting ways, even if only on social media, Facebook has created some new tools

Instagram Kids of Bollywood

The online sensation of star children

Behold the Digital Deliverer

Modi dazzles the smartest in Silicon Valley

The Networker

It was part two of the Indian enchanter in America, and this time Narendra Modi was feted as the man who will accompany Silicon Valley to its next level of glory, even as the Valley takes India with it—to heights as yet unforeseen, except in the mind of the man who once sold tea on the sort of railway platform that will soon be kitted out with free WiFi by Google

Draft Encryption Policy Withdrawal

With the relentless cries of invasion of privacy, the entire policy which sought access to all our activities online has been withdrawn

E-motional Affairs

Or: Love in the time of Facebook


The Supreme Court has killed a law that allowed the Government to control social media. What’s the Net worth of freedom hereafter?


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