An Extremist Edge

Virendra Kapoor

What has happened that Islam and its practice in India have acquired such an extremist edge?

Zakir Naik: A Different Kind of Jihadist

Deconstructing the provocations and self-promotion of Zakir Naik

The Captives of Kashmir

The Valley beyond the politics of victimhood

The Heart of Darkness

The redemptive power of storytelling sets this novel about religious terrorism apart

Don’t Demonise Islam

Muslims are caught between religious extremism and the moral weakness of those who say ‘Islam is evil’

Call for Jihad

Some Urdu dailies in India extol Islam’s first holy war

The New War on Terror

It might last longer than the Cold War

Going Radical in Kerala

Muslims in India’s most literate state are politically empowered and financially prosperous, yet easy targets for jihadi head hunters, including the ISIS


There is no original thought in Kamal Haasan’s film on post-9/11 extremism


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