European Union

Brexit or Stay, Behold Boris the Outsider

S Prasannarajan

On the eve of the EU referendum in Britain, it is the familiar story of the popular outsider pitted against the resented Establishment

The greek tragedy that’s no Eurocalypse

For all the wails and groans in the air, the EU is a political project as much as an economic one. And anyone who favours ‘unity in diversity’ should be pardoned a soft spot for the euro

Waiting for an English Narendra Modi

A new age of political adventure lies at the end of an election that might also decide whether Britain is one country or several

EU’s import ban on Indian mangoes

The move came about after 207 shipments of fruits and vegetable from India were found to contain pests

Too Smart for Europe

How Germany sees the Eurozone crisis. And why others demur


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