European Union

Fixing Climate Justice

Minhaz Merchant

The European Union’s new carbon levy violates every tenet of fair trade

The Demands of Trade

India and the EU need to meet each other halfway

French Leave

Macron may not speak for Europe but he made his case in China

Sweden, Finland bury human rights concerns to strike NATO deal with Turkey

Joint declaration says outfits like PKK and FETO will not be supported, mechanism on law enforcement formed

A Fine Balance

Ukraine and neutrality in Europe

Emmanuel Macron: Mr Europe

A divided France and a delighted EU await the re-elected president

What Democracies Owe Ukraine

A federation of democracies can still save freedom—with ideals and arms

The Game of the Name

What we call our children says a lot about us as a society

The Future of Conservatism

The day after the Boris Revolution

Bojo Gets His Mojo

A bumper majority for the Tories makes Brexit certain—and the break-up of the United Kingdom highly possible


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