Manmatha Nath Dutt: The Lost Hero

Bibek Debroy

Searching for Manmatha Nath Dutt, the forgotten but stellar translator, editor and more

Rupi Kaur: Life in Lower Case

What is it that makes the poetry of Rupi Kaur insta-sensational?

A Thousand Tongues

The pleasures and perils of translation came to the fore at a recent literature festival

Dressing up the Book

We are never alone together, the text and I

Dancing with Zadie Smith

Family, friendship and identity—one of English fiction’s most celebrated young writers returns to familiar turf

Ben-Hur Movie Review

This 'Ben-Hur' has its flaws, and suffers from comparison with the original film, but it is, nevertheless, an absorbing, though somewhat depressing watch

Author of Atmospherics

Talking weather with Amitav Ghosh


In spite of its excellent performances and craftsmanship, this film is a little too politically correct

Going Mainstream

How translation from Indian languages to English is giving regional literature a dedicated new readership, turning linguistic rivals into potential allies


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