Zimbabwe: The Day After the Dictator

Karan Mahajan

The liberator-turned-tyrant has fallen, the streets erupt to celebrate, and the breakaway dissenters take over. Freedom is still uncertain in Zimbabwe. From #OpenArchive

Erdoğan: The Half President

A dictatorship is taking shape on the Bosphorus. Anchal Vohra in Istanbul captures the fears and anxieties of post-referendum Turkey

Dateline Rwanda

A journalist brilliantly uses his craft to make sense of a post-genocide society where mass denial is a way of life

Roma Revividus

The final volume of the trilogy on Cicero’s life is a visceral portrayal of the long-lost Roman Empire

A Tale of Two Dictators

What sets Modi apart from his Gandhi family soulmate, and the great yearning among Indians for an autocrat ‘who gets things done’

Gujarat Is Not Done with Its Caesar

…and who but Gujaratis themselves can you blame for it?

Kim Jong-il

The North Korean government once said Kim Jong-il never urinated or defecated


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