Who’s Afraid of Freedom?

S Prasannarajan

Three decades after 1989, the autocrat has become the sole choreographer of freedom

Asian Lessons

The changing relationship between the state and the marketplace

Fraught States

The trouble in believing that constitutional crises around the world are symptoms of the same disease

The Price of Success

Capitalism’s victory is all encompassing but it has also led the world to a cul-de-sac of ideas

Still Searching for Nawaz Sharif

A portrait of the fallen Pakistani leader in the words of others

Student Supplicant Politician Statesman

London played both active and passive roles in Gandhi’s life. It was where he became a man and a lawyer, and where he first played high-stakes politics. British law shaped him; the orderly part of his system was based squarely on the idea of staying within the law, and expecting your opponents to do the same

Broken Britain

When conservatives throw away the guidebook of tradition

No Hyphenation

Kashmir’s primary and most important stakeholder is its people

Kashmir’s Year of Trial

Building faith in the democratic intentions of the Union Government will be a long haul


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