125 Years of Babasaheb: Editor’s Note

S Prasannarajan

We have made most of our heroes question-proof. We have made them private collections, labelled and indexed. Thoughts on Ambedkar’s 125th anniversary

Dalits: Stand up and Be Counted

Dalits across the states are refusing to be anybody’s vote bank

The Liberation Struggle of Bihar

The BJP stands to gain from a revolt brewing among Dalits, lower Backwards and a section of upper OBCs against the political clout of Yadavs and Kurmis

Don’t Blame the Cow

Intimations of soft fascism

The relaunch of Rahul Gandhi

The 56 days ‘Chintan’ has not changed Rahul Gandhi much and he has yet to become Rahul 2.0. But it’s a marketing strategy that seems to be working for Congress as of now

Untouchability Declassified

Discrimination is a dynamic industry in India. A survey recorded an astonishing 80-odd practices of untouchability—new, bizarre, vintage.

Mirchpur: A Dog Story

Two Dalits were torched alive and 18 homes gutted in Hisar, Haryana, apparently over a dog. So what really happened?

Understanding Dalits: Rahul’s Stepping Stones

Rahul Gandhi’s original aim, as he once said, was simply to visit the homes of the poor, regardless of caste. The poorest huts only happened to be Dalit.

The Ballad of Gangu Teli

There’s more to Raja Bhoj, and even Gandhi, if we look at them from a Dalit perspective.

Rahul’s Muslim and Dalit Connect

The minority report on the man is also fairly upbeat. More than half the Muslims and Dalits polled in the survey feel Rahul is batting for them.


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